WDS sp. z o.o.

architecture and planning

investment project implementation

real estate

WDS specializes in complex architectural and urban projects as well as runs the administration proceedings for investments in Poland. We scope on the whole range of multi investments such as architecture, urban planning and searching for new places for business location and preparing them for development and purchasing. Our company was founded in 1994 and since then we have accomplished a vast range of large projects also as substantive investors.Our long term experience is well known on the local market. Since the beginning WDS has been developing its human resources and workshop quality. Our workshop is equipped in modern computer systems and software. All the time we improve and develop it. So we can compete with others and be well prepared for cooperation with our competitors.We stay in tough with our business partners which are polish and international companies, what makes our company participate in many long term investments creating additional projects which are being developed. This action allows our company for permanent development and continuous contact with new technologies.

Our architects and construction engineers are the best working team, fully experienced and trained. Experience has been acquired by our stuff for the last 15 years of our activity on Polish market, and gives you guarantee of our professional work and makes us the best company for your business.

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